Blooms in your backyard!

Blooms in your backyard!

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are highly fragrant flowers with deep dark green leaves, their colors varying between white, purple and pink. They are also called ‘closet plants’ as they are idealistic indoor flowers because they enhance indoor air quality and are easy to take care of.

These hooded flowers are the parts of the Araceae flowers and are not lilies contrary to its common name. Peace lilies are native to the tropical forests of America and called for growing importantly in both height and width.

Light partial shade is the optimistic amount of sunlight for peace lilies, and they are thriving with indoor temperatures.  Watering can be as rare as once a week with the intention of keeping the soil moisture. They are sensitive for overwatered but can withstand under watering as of its drought-resistant nature. An extra step for keeping the plant happy is for adding fertilizer around once or twice a year. 


Geranium is a genus of least growing perennial flowered plants. They come in a huge range of color, shape and size. Gardeners often used them for landscaping and as borders.

Geraniums thrive in slightly acidic soil, highly-drained soil but still it can grow in any medium of soil. When planting geraniums one must be careful not for planting them too deep. Amount of sunlight does not affect their growth but the watering pattern is dependent upon it. The soil must be kept moist and the plant can withstand a huge variety of humidity. Based upon the soil quality, geraniums may not need any application of fertilizer.


Bougainvillaea is a huge wide vine that blooms mostly all year around. Typically available in pink, purple and red they add a lot of color to a garden. The color on these plants is from modified leaves which are called bracts and are present surrounding tiny, white flowers.

Bougainvillaea does not demand much water and can withstand droughts. They need rich and slightly acidic soil which must be kept moist. But soil used for plantation does not overflow. To help control a healthy plant nitrogen-rich fertilizer must be added as required throughout its lifetime. As it is a bushy vine, it can be managed by pruning which also helps it bloom.


Lavender is a fragrant and colorful herb with numerous uses. It is an idealistic companion plant for adding to the aroma and color of a garden. This herb is Resilient and easy to control. 

Lavender grows highly in alkaline highly-drained soil or chalky soil. Regular watering is needed only at the initial stages as well as various compost. For the majority of its life span, it needs a minimum amount of water and is thriving with lots of sunlight. Pruning helps shape and encourage new growth. 

Applications of lavender can be found in numerous areas consisting of beauty, therapy and medicine.


Adenium is often referred to as the desert rose and is recognized with bonsai. It has beautiful colors such as – white, pink and red and is a welcome addition in any type of setting. Adenium may be developed indoors and outdoors but is highly popular grown in containers.

The ideal growing medium includes 50% peat moss and 50% sand which is  as compared to the composition of a desert’s terrain. It has complete development in sunny and humid spots. Watering must be done daily to reduce the soil from drying out and extra care must be taken at certain growing stages.  The sap of the plant is poisonous and very precautions need to be taken out.