The Global Nature of Environmental Problems

The Global Nature of Environmental Problems

Environmental problems aren’t aware of boundaries while arriving, they tend towards the whole globe. And throughout the globe, we experience the same complication.

Major environmental issues are:-  pollution of all kinds- air, water, soil and environmental degradation; resource depletion; climate change; wildlife extinction; ecological destruction; ecosystem disappearance; and the list goes on

And what sort of threat do we face because of this? We experience extreme weather which occurs death of approximately 150,000 people annually all over the whole world, failure of climate changes  and adaptation for small and large animals or plants; environmental disasters like- oil spills and radioactive contamination which ultimately destroy us; natural disasters and biodiversity loss that also affects the food chain; pollution problem that forms 12% of global death alone over the earth annually. 6-7 million deaths are caused at an annual rate because of this. And this is not just a number, it’s a number of person’s who died. And even if people are alive, they are caused by painful diseases. These facts tell us a lot more about the situation of nature than it makes us aware of the things we have done.It provides us a picture of how much destruction we have occurred for our  advantage.

But there are agencies, organizations and institutions which care about such issues named-

  • Environmental Protection Agency.
  • European Environment Agency; US.
  • Environmental Protection Agency; Office Of Environment and Heritage; Forest Survey of India etc.
  • We must be thankful for these organizations as these are the ones who are protecting nature to its original state.
  • They are the ones who are healing and curing the damages that we have created. And it’s proud to see that such agencies are promoting nature care throughout the globe.

We must not be pushing the constraints of nature or otherwise we are going to receive a huge problem. Our lives will get disturbed and traumatic in later times. We will experience a crisis. So it is better to come up with cures. There is an urgent requirement to resolve these problems in sequence to avoid damage.

We must stop:-

  • Overexploitation of everything we see as a benefit.
  • We must stop over depletion of resources.
  • We must stop overusing natural hotspots.
  • We need to make strict laws regarding it.
  • We need to create awareness as much as we can to stop damage.
  • We must stop overusing facilities such as- agriculture, fishing, cutting trees etc.
  • We must stop plaguing our planet and sites and  degrading creating simple elements into complexive chemicals that’s hard to end and ultimately causes toxicity.
  • We must reduce waste and use proper methods of disposal.
  • We must reduce emission and treat the industrial waste in a prescribed manner.
  • We must adapt the habit of planting trees and producing a healthy,safe and secure earth.

Though the cost will be high if we do the best but if we don’t, the costs will be even more and beyond our reach towards Countries:- Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Russia, and Germany have already begin this practice along with India, but it will be of zero usage if we all don’t contribute in it or don’t cooperate with each other. If we don’t take the rules and procedures seriously and if we don’t implement the things as we must.

So save yourself not to get into  the trap of desertification, instead of desertifying these causes.