Water for Birds & Animals

Water for Birds & Animals

  • Campaign: #Water for Birds & Animals
  • Status: In Progress
  • Location: Gurugram
  • Pledge: 200+

Temperatures during summer often crossed 45 degrees Celsius, which causes fatal for birds and stray animals. It is sad to see several stray cows, cats, birds, and dogs desperately looking for water. But it is extremely disappointing to see them drinking dirty water from gutters and drainage (as they fail to find clean water).

Hundreds of stray animals, as well as birds, die due to the scorching heat and lack of access to clean drinking water.

As we all know, even in the duration of COVID-19 the summer temperatures soaring higher than ever before. Fortunately, it is easy for most of us to carry a bottle of water or perhaps buy a new one from a market/Shop. But what about these voiceless beings??????????????

Meet Kind People of Gurugram, India

There are more than 200 volunteers who have taken a pledge to provide fresh and pure drinking water for these beautiful beings on a Daily Basis. These guys are the real hero of this human society.

As being a social and responsible NGO, We ( One Step Towards Peace ) are appreciating their effort by providing them mud pots and a big mud bowl. So that, there animal and birds can enjoy fresh and mild-cold water


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