Cleaning Gurugram With 3R ZeroWaste

Cleaning Gurugram With 3R ZeroWaste

  • Campaign: #Clean Gurugram
  • Status: In Progress
  • Location: Gurugram

Waste is an ever-growing concern across the globe, but with a lack of infrastructure and poor management of local bodies, it becomes strenuous. The lands succumb to an abundance of all kinds of waste and develop into more and more landfills with a big mark of waste management failure.

India is facing one such massive problem. Big cities come under more scrutiny due to their Urbanization and high rate of consumption pattern.

Meet Mr. Shiv Rao

Shiv Rao is an environmentalist from Kuwait. He is an environment lover as well as a Managing Director of 3R ZeroWaste India Pvt Ltd. His only aim is to reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste produced by humans in every possible way.

He used to donate his own hard-earned money and also help us ( One Step Towards Peace ) in fundraising.

Moreover, He is a founder of the society and a Non-Government Organization named “3RZW Foundation“. Due to his empathizing nature towards mother earth and his unconditional love towards his native country India, he and his team are working hard to eliminate the waste as much as possible.