How do trees impact the environment ?

How do trees impact the environment ?

Do you know “How do trees impact the environment ?”

Several people think to enrich their gardens by planting trees. A lot of them do it for the looks or to give extra shade in the summer months. Additionally, they provide a home for birds and other wildlife.


Trees take up odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides(N2), ammonia(NH3), sulfur dioxide(SO2) and ozone(O3)) and filter as little particulates get trapped in leaves. An acre of mature trees can yearly provide enough oxygen for 18 people.


Trees help to save water. Because of the shade they provide, water will evaporate slowly from thirsty lawns. Trees need only fifteen gallons of water a week to survive, and they increase atmospheric moisture.

Preventing Water Pollution

Trees break the rainfall thus allowing the water to flow down the trunk and into the earth below the tree. This prevents stormwater from polluting oceans, Without trees stormwater flows into oceans carrying pollutants. Trees act like a sponge or wipe that filters this water naturally and use it to recharge groundwater supplies which can be for the future purpose.

Reinforcing Soil

The tree is the best partner when it comes to agriculture. It acts positively in many ways: it decreases soil erosion, increases fertility and helps soil carry moisture. Fallen tree leaves decrease soil temperature and prevent soil from losing moisture.

Erosion Control

Rain and wind are two important erosion forces that damage the soil. Drops of rainfall from heights, they gain power and momentum when they hit the ground is strong enough to penetrate the soil. If the land is dried out, then wind can do large damage. Trees break drop of rain and weak its strength, on the other hands’ roots hold the soil together and protect it from the effects of wind.

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