How can trees bring down Global Warming?

How can trees bring down Global Warming?

Imagine an aquatic without water, can it survive? Now, imagine a world without greenery, can we survive? Global warming has had a hazardous impact on our motherland. It claims around 300,000 lives every year and affects 300 million people. Reports claim that 2015 and 2016 are one of the hottest years ever the earth has witnessed. Our world is facing climate change, and the temperature is becoming hotter and hotter. But first, what is global warming? Global Warming is the expansion of Earth’s average surface temperature due to the highest effect of greenhouse gasses like:- carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. Now the question arises, are we forming this? Yes, to a large extent, we are. Global Warming tends to be seen nowadays. The melting of glaciers, rise in sea levels, dynamic rainfall patterns, melting of ice caps; these are all the causes of global warming. And this is where the trees enter.


Imagine a fish without water, can it survive ? Now, imagine a world without greenery,can we survive

The question is, how do plants and trees help in putting down Global Warming? We are all aware that trees are the source of oxygen. But do we also know that trees seperate carbon dioxide from the air? It is said that one of the practical ways for combating climate change is to plant more and more trees. We cannot survive without trees, this is a simple fact. But then, why is deforestation forming, for our selfish needs? We should know that deforestation will tend to the extinction of human species. Thus, deforestation is destroying us.

Reports claim that villages are better places to live than urban areas. Villages might be without development and backward, but they are still wealthier in a way. We all are aware of villages by their pure, fresh air, nature all around, trees and happiness. The people there might not be concerned, but they are conscious about nature. They have kept their environment protected and healthy. Thus, their life is much wealthier and healthier than the life of city people.

Trees have contributed to dropping down Global Warming to a huge extent. Through the procedure of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit pure oxygen. The greener an area is, the cooler it is. They help in limiting the temperature and keep the place cool. But Global Warming has reached a longer point where it is difficult to be a manager. But if we sit doing nothing, our future is dismissed. Planting trees is the first step towards protecting the environment. It is said that ‘The best time for planting trees was 20 years ago. Now is the second best time.’ And obviously it is.