Contact Info
Phone: 9650756272
Sony Mishra
Founder & Director
2nd Pre University Course, Krupanidhi Degree College
B.Com, IEC University
MBA. Swami Vivekanand Subharti University


Miss Sony Mishra is a Social activist from the cyber city Bangalore, India. She is well-versed in developing HR Infrastructure, Policies, and Digital Marketing strategies. She is an expert in the field of Employee Relations & Retention, Recruitment, and Performance management systems.

Moreover, She possesses 4 years of working experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Digital Marketing Solutions. Now, She is working as a Social Media Manager and Human Behaviour Analyst in the digital marketing and website solution service-providing firm, Asterisk Serve India.

She is an environment lover as well as the animal lover too,  That is why she used to donate 30% of her salary for the betterment of the animals and the environment. Her love is so unconditional that, it leads her to start a new social NGO i.e One Step Towards Peace

Nothing is unconquerable if you try.